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What are you watching today, /a/non?


As for me, I just finished rewatching Another (2012). Another is a horror/thriller about a haunted middle-school class that has its members picked off one-by-one every 15 years. I felt like almost nothing happened until the 9th episode [spoiler]outside of a few characters getting absolutely gutted[/spoiler], and the ending made me feel like a moron for not figuring everything out by half the show, which I guess means the plot was good, and the story was well written. The music and animation did not really stick out, but the OP was obnoxious enough that I skipped through it every time. Something interesting - the episode names are also instructions on how to build a doll. I never really caught onto how that tied into the story tbh.
Looking through my notes from ~5 years ago I actually switched my position - thinking the first 9 episodes were good and that it fell off at the very end. Funny how that works.


File: 1616329085424.jpg (353.18 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, gunslingergirl.jpg)

I've been watching a somewhat obscure anime called "Gunslinger Girl". I say somewhat obscure, as I can't recall anyone mentioning it to me, and I have no idea where I got it from. It's… odd.

It centres around a government agency, which make use of cyborgs for tactical missions and assassinations. The cyborgs operate with an adult human counterpart as a sort of overseer. The show follows their various missions, and gives background on each cyborg and their relationships to each other and their counterparts. In this setting, the process of reworking the body and mind works best on young girls. So, this agency takes girls who are extremely weak or have nothing left to live for, and makes them into cyborgs without their clear knowledge of what's going on.

See, it seems kind of fucked up when you think of it like that, but the show doesn't try hard to push it as a good thing or a bad thing.

I'm not finished Gunslinger Girl yet. Depending on how it decides to end, it could turn out to be pretty good. I'd be interested in seeing what kind of verdict it gives on all this. On the other hand, if it maintains the status quo right up until the end, it'll probably have just been 'okay'.

I recall enjoying Another a lot, both when I was much younger, and it actually held up fairly recently.

>Looking through my notes

What kind of notes do you keep? Now I'm interested.


File: 1616335036714.png (Spoiler Image, 3.38 KB, 169x113, 169:113, wow my deepest darkest sec….PNG)

>What kind of notes do you keep?
I've been keeping an anime watch journal for what will be 6 years now this coming June. At the time I thought the world was coming to an end, and I thought to myself, "how will I keep track of what anime I've seen if MAL crashes?" It doubles as a kind of diary when I feel inclined to write about what I'm feeling/doing at the moment, which inflates the word count a little. I'm not really the type to keep a diary so its nice.

If you were curious, I'm up to 354 total series watched, with a median rating of ~6.4.


Nice, unfortunately I'm just the type to throw it in a textfile with the headers "Watched", and "To Watch". Never had a MAL. I've probably seen around 200 series, although many of those were when I was much younger, and I have a foggy memory of them.

I do keep a journal though, and it is ~800,000 words.


File: 1616590105182.jpg (95.91 KB, 355x389, 355:389, 1520100790795.jpg)

Recently I blew threw RErideD - Derrida, who leaps through time. I picked it up because when I was on ABe's wiki page I noticed he was credited with Character Design (his first anime credit in more than a decade), and I thought, "Wow, I have to see it." It was also directed by Takuya Satou, who did Steins;Gate, so afaik expectations were through the roof back when it dropped in 2018. Derrida is the last name of a famous postmodern philosopher who wrote about the fragmentation of different structures in society. Here, time is what's being fractured, I guess.

This one is hard to explain. Derrida Yvain is an engineer working for his father's fortune 500 company who just figured out that the androids have a critical bug that could make them all flip out, which will almost certainly happen as it becomes clear that millitary androids are real and about to be deployed in a border war. After chilling at his friend Nathan's place for his daughter, Mage's, 8th birthday, he discusses a theory of time travel he did in grad school with her. The next day he and Nathan are trying to get the bug patched when assassins sent by the board of executives, who stand to lose $$$ if the bug is fixed, attack, and Nathan is killed, his last words telling Derrida to take care of Mage. Derrida runs away into a cave, and for some reason, lies down in a weird metallic bed where he is promptly cyrogenically frozen. After 10 years pass, he awakens to find a world ruined by war and his father's robots. What will he do now?

Where do I start? It feels like the writers were constantly writing themselves into holes that they'd have to magic themselves out of. The part where Derrida just decides "hmm, yes, I'm a bit tuckered out, on the run, in a cave, guess I'll have a bit of a lie down in this SPACE COFFIN" in the first episode really sets the tone for the series. This is an annoying complaint, but it is a little too on-the-nose, politically speaking. So many times, problems could be stopped/avoided altogether, but they are not, because the story must go on. Very boring.

I feel bad for ABe. If you weren't a fan of his you wouldn't know he'd worked on the show at all; most of the characters look like standard anime character models you'd see in any other seasonal show, with Vidaux and maybe Donna being the only exception. I guess that's just how the industry is nowadays. The animation is also subpar - they don't even bother animating singing, for example. However, the stills they have on the promo posters and during the ED are schway, so lets give credit where credit is due.

I would only watch this if you were E X T R E M E L Y thirsty for new ABe content, and if thats the case you would be better served just downloading the stills and pretending the series went unreleased.


File: 1616779923898.jpg (132.63 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, shinsekaiyori.jpg)

Not actively watching, but recently finished, I thought it was worth mentioning Shin Sekai Yori because I'm actually pretty fond of it. The below isn't really spoilers, but if you want to go in knowing absolutely nothing then avoid it.

It follows children throughout their adolescence and into their adulthood, coming to terms with the fact that their world is a delicately maintained house of cards, and that to maintain it methods are necessary that would be considered repugnant, and this is obscured from the average person. It raises "Does the end justify the means?" like questions, and also deals with the emotional trauma of losing people that can't function within that system.

The setting is fairly alien, and there is a species of sapient life living among but beneath humans. It also has an 'antagonist' who shows a lot of thought and planning in their actions, and is honestly difficult to dislike. The anime is also fairly strong visually.

Anyway, if all of the above has you soykafing yourself for more, you should go watch it.


File: 1616935924339-0.jpg (174.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Gunslinger Girl Ep 13v2 'S….jpg)

File: 1616935924339-1.jpg (184.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Gunslinger Girl Ep 13v2 'S….jpg)

Well, I finished it. In the end Gunslinger Girl didn't touch on some of the points I expected it to, but it also made some new points of its own. It can be difficult to understand what it's trying to tell you, as it never tries to make it obvious for the viewer. I think it wasn't bad, but it'd still be a hard sell if you don't like the idea of 'depressed lolis with firearms'.


That guy in the middle's face speaks to me.

I'll have to check it out. I remember they had it on netflix a few years back but they took it off to put on k-on or something like that


File: 1616948615134.jpg (24.53 KB, 264x400, 33:50, 28687l.jpg)

Recently I started watching Juuni Kokuki (The Twelve Kingdoms). It's an Isekai about a girl who gets snatched up from her high school, and undergoes a transformation that turns her skin orange. I usually don't like Isekais but I'm really enjoying it, the characters are really well written and its beautifully animated.

Also, check em.


>That guy in the middle's face speaks to me.
He's such a weasel, but he's also a kang.


Just finished this. Like I said, beautiful animation, and the music's also great. Unfortunately they get away from what the show's best at - Youko (our MC) exploring the new world she's in, looking back at life on earth, and it becomes a kind of Confucian West Wing. Not at all a bad show just a little disappointing.


Just watched the Toei 1980s version of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. It was ok, not particularly well made but it was kinda neat how they had the orchestra playing in the background most of the time, like it was the real thing.


File: 1619099719136.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 441.33 KB, 750x795, 50:53, 12341B3F-F04C-4CA3-9883-A….jpeg)

Just finished up Squid Girl last night. It was ok, but early on I had moments of “why am I watching this...?”. Guess light comedy stuff like that isn’t really my thing like it was in high school anymore.


File: 1619104125046.png (1.18 MB, 700x700, 1:1, 1619038851210.png)

Yeah, there are a lot of things I'm just not interested in, because they seem to be aimed at a younger target audience than me, or at least just a different one. Genres like slice of life very seldomly work for me at this point.

That being said, sometimes I get surprised. I watched Osomatsu-san when it was popular and new years ago, thought it was funny enough. I watched it again last year, not expecting much, but nah, I still had a fairly good time. I should see the newest season at some point.


Watched seasons 2 & 3 of Golden Kamuy lately and while the story is really compelling it feels like a lot of the crasser jokes are just really forced. Haha you said soykaf and boner, haha epic anime 9/10 MAL rating, you've never seen anything like this b4.

Also, Lt. Tsurugi is clearly the hero of the story


File: 1620914325726-0.jpg (311.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, S02E04-Round 19_00:18:29.3….jpg)

File: 1620914325726-1.png (313.19 KB, 719x339, 719:339, SFII-Guile_Ending2.png)

Alright, so I read Hi Score Girl, and then immediately afterwards went straight onto watching it. It was a pretty good time.

In many ways it felt familiar to many other romantic comedy anime out there, but also had a lot of unique aspects distinguishing it. I don't think I could watch something that wasn't unique in some way, and thankfully it pulled it off well. It uses arcade games as an ever-present element in the story, both for representing the passage of time and growth, and as a way for characters to express emotion and conflict through 'battle'. They also 'speak' to the game characters they play as the most, who often act as a mentor figure or moral support. It even goes into way more gratuitous detail about the games than you'd honestly expect.

The characters and how they change feels pretty real, and are generally likeable, especially the main characters. The art style isn't bad either, I appreciate something somewhat different. The ending is literal deus ex machina, but it fits the kind of show it is.

Not the best in the world or anything, but granted that I'd never heard of it until someone suggested the manga to me, I gather it's underrated. If early to mid 90s arcade fighting games are going to give you the comfy feelings, I would highly recommend it. Even without that, it's still fairly fun.


File: 1621607226524.jpg (459.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [SubsPlease] Osomatsu-san ….jpg)

I did end up watching it again, I can't say it was much better or much worse than I was expecting.


File: 1621739285216.png (822.46 KB, 847x624, 847:624, Ultra Karen.PNG)

I watched Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - a SoL/mecha parody type series - over the last week or so. Not the greatest animation, not the best stories, not the funniest jokes you ever heard/saw...but... it had a lovely color palate and character design, and I DOUBLE DOG DARE you not to love Nuku Nuku and her family. You just can't.


File: 1621739496800.jpg (463.63 KB, 750x724, 375:362, feelsmarianneman.jpg)

Can't believe I fucked up my screenshot smh

>mfw I hear someone say "man of culture" within 100m, ironically or not


Recently finished up Natsume Yujin-cho. What a pleasant series, I wish they'd keep making more but 6 seasons and a movie is probably more than enough adaptation for any series.

And I'd certainly understand why this season didn't do as well as maybe others did in the past. None of the episodes were particularly exciting, a lot of the conflicts that would come up between Natsume & the rest of the town were pretty much gone. The end of the season was intriguing because it asked questions about his grandma I hadn't actually thought about, but I'm guessing I'll have to read the manga to get to the bottom of it.


File: 1623715945386.png (292.79 KB, 700x300, 7:3, box.png)

Watching Megalo Box and surprisingly like it despite it being slow at the beginning. bonus points is that the MC kind of looks like me so that's pretty cool I guess.


A week or so ago I finished watching 8-man After. 8-man was a superhero show that was around in the 60's, and is said to have inspired Robocop, so you can guess the plot. 8-man After is a gritty "rebirth" of the series, which is kind of interesting because it was released in 1993, like 10-20 years before this kind of thing got popular in America. Maybe it already was? I don't know, I wasn't around then.

It's actually really good, animation is beautiful, interesting characters and story, good soundtrack. The real problem is series length - I feel like there could've been a lot more done than just 4 videos. Oh well...


File: 1627135679286.jpg (239.85 KB, 1424x1064, 178:133, [Reaktor] BECK - Mongolian….jpg)

It's been a while since I've had the free time to post, I've been very busy, but I've been watching whenever I had a spare moment. Including Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos, which I watched purely because of the look, and some old stuff like Hellsing and LoGH.

More notably though, I want to direct people to 'Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad', because I fairly seldomly hear it spoken of, but damn it was great escapism while I was drowning in work and research to do. There's a lot regarding real and fictional music and bands, so if you're into that you'd love it, otherwise it wouldn't be of nearly as much interest. Beck is at its core, though somewhat more subtly than some, just another coming of age story. My circumstances at the time may have certainly played a role in why I got as invested, objectively I think it's worth seeing though. And thankfully, for a music anime, the soundtrack itself isn't bad either.


Going to watch this next


Watched and enjoyed this, I had forgotten going into it that the background of the show would necessitate that it leak Ashita no Joe from every orifice, not that I'm complaining. Ashita no Joe is worth seeing, bearing in mind it may not be as palatable to modern audiences.




The other day I finished up Attack on Titan S1. Actually not bad, I thought it would just be shounenshit but it actually kept me engaged half the time. Pleasant surprise. If you haven't seen it I wouldn't recommend it if you're feeling depressed or something like that though.


File: 1630990626032.jpg (249.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1319354_Japanese_KeyArt-Of….jpg)

Just started Cowboy Bepop, this episode was pure kino


File: 1631103493797.jpg (123.01 KB, 1448x1080, 181:135, [YakuboEncodes] Cowboy Beb….jpg)

I first watched it maybe 8 or so years ago, since then I've watched it again several times, each with a new person or people. Each subsequent time I see it the themes hit me more and more, although to say more than that may be a spoiler. Hope you're enjoying one of my favourite series.


Although if I'm being entirely honest I think the music and style has a bit more value to me than the substance, but hey, both contribute to the whole.

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