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  1. Break the rules and your post will be deleted. Depending on the nature of the post, it may or may not result in an immediate ban.
  2. Do not announce sage, do not announce reports.
  3. Do not spam or advertise unrelated content.
  4. Do not complain about moderation outside of >>>/qc/.
  5. Do not post child pornography or questionable 2D/3DCG/3DPG sexual depictions of children. This includes "child models".
  6. Do not post NSFW. If you must post it, spoiler any NSFW content and make sure it's relevant to the discussion.
  7. Do not upload malicious archives.
  8. Do not make calls to raid.

>>>/b/ exists for off-topic discussion. As a general premise, try to be on-topic and civil.


Why 'Rainchan'?

There wasn't really any need felt to deliberate on name choice.

What is the purpose of Rainchan?

Rainchan is not setting out to be a standard imageboard.

There is imageboard software under free licenses, and as such, there are a slurry of imageboards out there in cyberspace with different names, and attempts at different themes and purposes. Becoming another drop in the ocean is an exercise in futility. I intend to use this for me and my friends to communicate and share content, and generally have a good time. As such, this isn't somewhere I'm trying to promote or advertise.

As a communication platform, it is FOSS, platform-agnostic, simple to use, self-hosted, and sends analytics to no one. It thrives on a small community, it is not trying to 'make it big'. It doesn't adhere to preconceptions of what imageboard culture is expected to be.

As Rainchan intends to be for the benefit of a small community of people, use of names and tripcodes aren't explicitly or implicitly discouraged.

How can I suggest improvements?

Go to >>>/qc/. This can include asking for new boards to be made, asking for a stylesheet to be included, suggesting some functionality, complaining about a bug, or whatever else provided it pertains to this imageboard. Your suggestion may or may not be carried out.

What filetypes are supported?

What limits are there on filesize?

The maximum filesize available is 10 MB, across a maximum of 3 files. Additionally, image files have a maxium width and height of 10000 pixels, and video files have a maximum length of 4 minutes.