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I've been looking for alternatives to 4chan's /fit/ since that site has become... well, you know. Do any of you guys lift? If so, how long have you been lifting? What routine are you running off of?

I'll start
>Yes, chest+back/shoulders+arms/legs
>10 months


No everyone here is a dyel


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Then I will help everyone become /notdyel/.


I used to lift heavy but I stick with calisthenics now because they're safer and I can just do them at home. It takes longer to get ripped with pushups and pullups but it also strengthens your joints and stabilizer muscles whereas heavy weights can put a due amount of strain on them, even if you muscles can handle the weight.


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Funny you say that, I've had the opposite happen to me. I started out doing calisthenics and caused an impingement on my left shoulder. Think I was pushing too hard on dips or something.

I do agree with you though, and that fear of causing more injury is why I stopped lifting heavy a while back. The human body isn't meant to bear excessive weight. I really see weight as a tool. If you're smart about it, there's benefit to it.


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Happy to see some /fit/ brahs in here I've been very busy and after a year of lifting have mostly stopped due to busy life. But I still hope to hit a 2 plate benchpress and maintain my 1 plate OHP. Right now I'm mostly focused on developing flexibility and learning to do prisyadka, and hopefully start learning even more advanced russian dances. I will use my flexibility and strenght to try my hand at boxing eventually.

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No matter how easy I try to take it, it always seems like my right wrist is sore at the end of the day. Any anons know a good way around this? You can't say 'Stop using the internet so much'.


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Get a wrist splint to wear overnight while sleeping. You could have carpal tunnel. If this persists for more than a year you will probably require surgery to amend the problem

Pic related OP


Do you feel any pain during some particular movements? Try stretching out your wrist and doing mobility drills for it, also do you happen to find your wrists the sorest when you wake up? I usually wake up with one of my wrists hurting doe to me positioning it weird during sleep


Yeah they're usually the sorest when waking up. IDK why that would be, I usually sleep on my side.


Stop jerking off so much


Start doing barbell rows and do them so the bar isnt resting on the floor between reps. I recommend going for many reps instead of heavy weights so something within the 10-12 rep range for your working sets. Pull with your elbows to engage the lats and make sure you focus on your grip strength. Other than that you'll be right. Weak wrists can also be addressed with olympic snatches if you wanna have a bit more fun or just do dead hangs and focus on gripping the bar as heavy as possible.

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Can I cut more than 1lb per week without losing too much muscle?


I’m no expert, but I feel like that would depend on your body fat %


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You could minimise loss provided you're exercising as much as and eating the same amount of protein as you were before. When you cut, do so by restricting carbs and fats. Loss isn't completely avoidable though.

You might also find more than a cutting more than a pound a week to be too ardruous, but try it out and see what works for you I guess.


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1kg of fat is 7700kcal
your TDEE is probably more than 2500kcal

yes, but some people dont believe that fasting doesnt make you lose muscle


Yes, but you will need to ensure that your protein and calories consumed is consistent, you will also most likely need to retain your lifting volume.

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