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Sup Lainon!
What vps or hosting would you recomend for a poorass dude from poorass country to host a blog?
Anons from lainchan suggested vultr but if there are better choises I would like to know.
Also neocities can't use the audio files in the free plan so I can't use it.


Just saw you on there. I'm very familiar with scraping what brouzouf I can.

Personally I'd recommend - this assumes you don't already have a stomm computer laying around - buying an old SBC, like a Pi 1, they are dirt cheap. Running a web server requires almost no resources. For example, nginx in my experience runs on a few megs of RAM. And for SBCs, a microSD with a few gigs on it is also dirt cheap. They don't run up leccy bills much, either.

This assumes you plan on running just a web server and hosting some files, which requires little resource. I have not tried Vultr, but I imagine self-hosting on a SBC would be cheaper.


Just choose whatever's cheapest and has no bandwidth limits desu


I agree anon, it is the best solution. But not in my situation, I kinda move a lot. So it would be a pain in the ass for me to set it up every time I move to a new place.


Do you spend long periods away from electricity/internet? If you do, then yes, you're right.

But if it's a case of just moving your things from once house to the next, it's not as bad as you may be imagining, certainly you wouldn't have to reinstall anything. Use your init system to bring up e.g. nginx on startup. Connect ethernet. Then all you need to do is port forward the router to the SBC. It should take a few minutes.


I should mention, if you plan on having a clearnet domain, updating your IP on whatever nameserver you intend to use could be an additional complication. This can be auomated with a DDNS, I personally use afraid.org, there are many.

If you host over Tor or similar, you can ignore this.


I use ssdnode anon. They have a great value compared to vultr and digitalocean if you pay for a couple years at a time.

Like any hosting service it is way more computer than you you need for just a blog. I agree with nixx if that's all you need. I use mine for backups, my website, email hosting and big web sstommes.


get a tiny 128mb ram debian vps at gullo.me


There do seem to be a few companies that are giving away free VPSs, usually at quite a low spec (but enough for a webserver and mail for sure)

One company called euserv seems to give a 1 core, 1gb ram, 10gb storage vps for free. I've tried registering to them with a fake name and number through tor, but it seems they have a manual verification process, so you need to be a bit better at making a fake identity than I was if you really want to stay private (though they don't ask for much more than most other VPS companies)

Another good bet is taking at a look at oracle's "always free" options. They are giving away either a x86_64 2 cores, 1GB ram, 50GB disk server or if you are fine with using ARM then you can get a quad-core system with 24GB ram (pretty good considering its free, "forever")

However as much as I'd like to shill for oracle's amazing free deals, they do require a credit card number (never charged anything though), and they only offer their service to a limited number of countries (though ive heard that people have been able to bypass this with vpns) Also there's also the fact that oracle isn't exactly one of the most trustworthy companies out there.

Though at the end of the day,
a 24GB ram is enough for something like a medium sized minecraft server to play with several friends, especially considering that its free.

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