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>Full text

New to GNU PLUS LINUX and want to discuss, ask or just get recommendations? Check link above and discuss in replies.
I shill for Fedora, quite comfy, werks and feels solid. BTRFS seems cool too along with LVM, wouldn't have gotten to know about them if it weren't for Fedora. What's your favourite distro? Do you want to try any?


I user arch, btw



I meant that I use Arch, you hear?


Gentoo. Install it. It's what makes you into a man. Every real man must have installed gentoo at some point.



> genpoo

try LFS, you manlet


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I'm going to make a bold statement and purposefully make everyone angry: Arch Linux is for people who don't want to waste much time configuring their system.

In my experience I have had no serious issues with it in years, whereas I've run into problems with other distributions. If you understand the bare basics of system maintenance, can read a page for one minute, and aren't prone to making foolish decisions on the command line or compiling 400 AUR packages, Arch Linux is rock solid.

Arch Linux is also easy, in that its documentation is superior to almost all other distros, and it can be suited and built to your particular method of doing things. It is made for the lazy fat man, as almost everything you want has an AUR package, making compilation as straightforward as 'makepkg -sric', and registering it with your package manager.

But all of that's bullsoykaf. No one cares. I'll tell you why you should install Arch Linux.


I can aggravate people with one simple phrase: "Btw, I use Arch." I can drive sysadmins mad, by stating "My server runs Arch Linux." I sleep, eat, breathe, and soykaf Arch Linux. Arch Linux is my waifu, Arch Linux is my life.

Btw, I use Arch :^)


lmao get cucked by systemd


SystemD is a good thing. How often do you update your Arch? Unless you only use your shell all the time, I find it hard to believe nothing breaks if you update regularly. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the point of Arch in the first place is to break. And I do not mean major breakages where your PC barely boots, but small breakages happen all the time. Perhaps a missing library that makes you unable to launch a program after updating it, maybe messed up font in some other program. If you do not update Arch regularly, I do not see the point in using it. Unless you are a turbo autist, the end result of an Arch installation is probably something similar to Ubuntu without third party software. If you run your OS with only the TTY and only use GNU core utils, props to you although I am worried for your mental health. And even then, if you don't update often or need the latest software, you might as well go for something like Debian(testing, if you are bothered by grandpa packages on normal Debian), Gentoo(if you have the resources to compile), LFS(real Chad DIY Loonix) etc. In the end, Arch feels like it has no intended audience. Servers need something stable, people who have work to do will want a different distro. In the end, the only kind of people who use Arch are people who have nothing better to do. I do salute the AUR maintainers however, although AUR makes Arch even more unstable than it already is.


File: 1616581540149.png (66.82 KB, 1465x1007, 1465:1007, stillbetterthanu.png)

I should begin this by staying my first post was extremely blatant soykafposting, but there is a kernel of truth to it, which is that despite the memes I've found Arch to be stable and pleasant to use.

I update it maybe once a week on average. I keep around 600 packages, the main GUI programs I use being Qutebrowser, GIMP, mpv, sxiv and Anki for personal; and Ungoogled Chromium and Filezilla for work. Half a dozen AUR packages for obscure things. I use just a window manager rather than a full desktop, because I don't have legitimate reason for more than that. Other than that I do my best to stay in the shell, and make heavy use of Vim regularly.

I've had two issues in my time on Arch in the last few years I can recall. I was messing around with video drivers, so Xorg failing to start once was unsurprising, and not difficult to fix. Another was a specific kernel version causing Alsa to cut in audio a fraction of a second too late, to which I didn't update the kernel until the next version after that. Not really what I'd say was difficult to solve. I've had less annoying workarounds to implement on Arch than I have with anything Debian-based, including Debian itself.

>In the end, the only kind of people who use Arch are people who have nothing better to do.

On the contrary, the only meddling with my configuration I've seriously done in the past year was getting annoyed with bitmap fonts, which aren't really viable to implement globally across programs under Xorg. Xorg is a whole different mess.


Petition to rename this thread 'Battle of the Aspies'


While what you say is legitimate, it works out for you because you have a small system. It's a choice to keep everything minimal, a choice most people don't make. If you try to maintain a complex Arch installation, like a big castle made out of cards, there will be many more opportunities for something to go wrong. And as I do admit, Arch is the best distro for your kind, but in the end your kind is a great minority. It won't work out for most people, and even if it could, most people wouldn't bother. While Arch is a legitimate distro, and obviously it's wholly possible to maintain a stable system with it(devs pushing out unstable packages isn't exactly the user's fault), it doesn't change the fact that it's in the end the neckbeard distro. Of course, I've been falling for Arch and minimalism memes before continuously, but in the end it never brought much to the table.
Unused RAM is wasted RAM
Unused processing power is wasted processing power.


File: 1616595689495.jpg (41.28 KB, 470x653, 470:653, heyladies.jpg)

Yeah, I suppose I can say that something like Arch is fairly pointless to someone who doesn't have interest in building their system from the command line. I do forget that people actually consider it 'minimalist', whereas I actually find myself tending to think to think Arch is pretty damn bloated - compared to a *BSD or compiled distros, for example.

In the case of Arch, I have set up my system, and then I no longer think about it. A balance between comparative minimalism and being featureful is comfortable, because on smaller systems there is less room for unwanted, unexpected behaviour.

>Unused RAM is wasted RAM

>Unused processing power is wasted processing power.
I would agree, but the key notion to take from that is not that you have it so you must use it - rather, it's not to buy so much RAM and processing power you don't strictly need to begin with. I could comfortably do work and personal activities on a 30 quid bargain bin laptop.

>neckbeard distro

I would wear that as a badge of honour, lmao.

My argumentativeness aside, I do understand what you're saying, I honestly doubt Arch is well-suited for more than a specific subset of people using Linux. As it is with approaches to life as a whole, everyone has something specific that works for them. I wouldn't knock someone using something else if they had an informed opinion about why they did so. Even, Allah forbid, Solus :^).


File: 1616637787903.png (39.88 KB, 800x911, 800:911, 800px-Endeavouros_Logo.png)

I use EndeavourOS, its basically just Arch with a graphical installation and some packages preinstalled. I use it because I love Pacman, the AUR, and the Arch Wiki, but am not patient enough for installing and setting up vanilla Arch




Windows 10 pro.




I'm still stuck in the 90s. I use Slackware and Debian.
Unironically enjoy the manual work and learning required to set up Slackware the way you want.

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