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Easy and helpful guides for beginners, some of the beginners stuff has very helpful videos
More help, this time with even more advanced stuff than what Tae Kim goes into on his site iirc
Helpful flashcard program to help you with whatever you're trying to learn.

If I forgot anything please post it below! How're those kanji coming along, anon?
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Oh right, I wasn't actually clicking the number. In my case, Japanese also sticks easily due to having heard all those language constructs hundreds of times. I am learning grammar and constructs right now. That is, I finished a book about them, so now I will reattempt reading Yotsubato! It's not easy by any means, but now I have an idea about the basic constructs and the general structure of the language, so it should be more productive. To be perfectly honest, lack of kanji makes it harder because it's harder to look things up that way.


I completely forgot
Useful Japanese dictionary, particularly wrt Kanji


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I can very strongly recommend the Yomichan extension for Firefox, all you have to do is hold down a hotkey and hover over a word and you'll get a floating dictionary window for it.
It can also create anki cards automatically and you can use whatever dictionarys you want with it in case you want J-J or something.
The only downside is being forced to use Firefox (also don't get too reliant on it, if you fall into the habit of just instantly looking up anything slightly challenging you'll never get real practice)


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Why yes, I know absolutely 0 kanji, what is it that gave me away?


It occured to me to mention DJT Guide [https://djtguide.neocities.org/guide.html] - even though a lot of what's here is covered elsewhere by other resources already in this thread, I've been making use of a 6K deck for Anki from there [https://djtguide.neocities.org/anki.html].

It's structured in such a way that you'll often be introduced to an isolated kanji first, then begin to see it in conjunction with other characters after you're already familiar with it, which I find is better for building up an understanding.

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Today, I learned that cars with anime characters printed on them are literally referred to as "pain cars": https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%97%9B%E8%BB%8A

I was laughing far harder than I should have been.


I’m guessing they’re called that because of the pain it causes their family and neighbors?


Hai, no honour, shame on famury

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