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I've read Frank Herbert (e.g. Dune) and Isaac Asimov (e.g. Foundation; I, Robot), they seem like essentials. Share some books and authors that may be at least somewhat lesser-known.

>Solaris - Stanisław Lem

I found a good English translation of this a while back, without spoiling anything: it's as much sci-fi as it is a mystery/psychological thriller.


I should also give mention to Philip K. Dick and William Gibson in regards to that which I'd consider established essentials, though the latter treads into the new genre of cyberpunk.


You don’t even need to mention the big three. There’s always a big three.

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Currently reading Notes from the Underground by Dostoyevsky. Not the 1st time I've read it I'm just feeling the itch to read this kinda story again.

It got brought back to my attention the other day when some friends of mine in a groupchat I'm a part of were talking about free will the other day and effectively said that Notes was one of the best written proofs of free will, because the main character does many things that are opposed to his own interests, but does them anyways, out of his own perversity. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.


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>haven't read a single page since I posted this


Been reading the following on and off the past few months depending on my mood:

Knut Hamsun's 'The Ring is Closed'
Carl Jung's 'The Red Book'
Fydor Dostoevsky's 'The Brother's Karamazov'
KJV Bible

nice imageboard, im happy it's so well hidden

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does rainchan like prose poetry? i read pic related a few months ago and really enjoyed it. there's some really great stuff in there from a number of different countries over the years. beautiful language in short little chunks ==great for my completely eroded attention span :)== Jeremy Noel-Tod's introduction also has a great discussion on the distinction (or lack thereof) between prose and verse
some of my favorites were probably John Lehmann's Vigils, Velimir Khlebnikov's Menagerie, Nathalie Quintaine's Joan of Arc, Zbigniew Herbert's Hermes Dog and Star, and Geoffrey Hill's Mercian Hymns. highly recommend these and the collection itself


>6 (me)
Fernando Pessoa's Book of Disquiet also has some really great poetic prose. schway journal format. comfy to read when you're feeling disillusioned with life and want to live in your head for a bit
also [spoiler]spoiler?[/spoiler]


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>does rainchan like prose poetry

Tbh I’ve never really understood it. I know it makes people *feel* a kind of way, makes them think, but I’ve never felt like that.


2 asterisks on either side = a spoiler. See?

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