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Currently reading Notes from the Underground by Dostoyevsky. Not the 1st time I've read it I'm just feeling the itch to read this kinda story again.

It got brought back to my attention the other day when some friends of mine in a groupchat I'm a part of were talking about free will the other day and effectively said that Notes was one of the best written proofs of free will, because the main character does many things that are opposed to his own interests, but does them anyways, out of his own perversity. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.


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>haven't read a single page since I posted this


Been reading the following on and off the past few months depending on my mood:

Knut Hamsun's 'The Ring is Closed'
Carl Jung's 'The Red Book'
Fydor Dostoevsky's 'The Brother's Karamazov'
KJV Bible

nice imageboard, im happy it's so well hidden


tell me more about jung anon, I've been thinking of getting into him, once I'm done with the greeks. I also like this imageboard anon, it's a nice little community here.


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'A Voyage to Arcturus' was better than I initially expected. It follows a character that goes visiting a fictional planet of Arcturus. It's hard to describe. I'd choose to interpret it as an exploration of many different frameworks and perspectives for dealing with life, from simple to divine, which the character takes up chronologically from 'birth' to death. All of the various characters native to the alien world interpet it and its rules in many different ways. It also really tingles my imagination with vivid descriptions while doing so.

So yeah, it's pretty cool and stuff


I "re-read" Notes from the Underground last winter as an audiobook. I'd take night walks in sub zero temperatures and listen to a little bit at a time. It was very tranquil.

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