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I'm taking suggestions
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I am a most capricious overlord


Rein should be one of the random “names.”


Sure, why not, done. Hit me if you have any other names to suggest.


Of course I will if I think of any. I do suggest linking to https://ii.yakuji.moe/abe for reasons that should be obvious given the theming of your front page.

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So, I'm considering getting rid of >>>/tv/.

It probably doesn't surprise you to know that more than half of what I watch falls under the umbrella of anime. There are things I occasionally like to watch that falls in the realm of 'real' cinema, but I may not have as much to say about it. The boards as they are, are fairly experimental, based on what I figured this board's population (70% people I know, 30% randoms from Lainchan) would like.

So, this is a call to action. If you're mulling over posting something on >>>/tv/, I'd do it now. If it doesn't see much use over the next few days, I may just get rid of it. And of course, feel free to argue with me here, suggest a new board to be made, whatever.


In the end I vaporised it, rest in rip.


>30% randoms from Lainchan
I’m from Wirechan actually!

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>catalog should be default rather than index
>webm settings arent clickable because they just disappear (in catalog mode)
>now gif board


>catalog should be default
This tbh famalam


File: 1625864516372.gif (105.05 KB, 282x284, 141:142, 1625773646571.gif)

>catalog should be default rather than index
I thought of this before but was too lazy to get around to it until now. Done. Let me know if I missed anything, I'm familiar with my own selective foolishness.
>webm settings arent clickable because they just disappear (in catalog mode)
Sorted out, hopefully.
>now gif board
What sort of things would be posted?

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IMO there are too many boards for a small imaguboard, is that just me? Less is more.


That's true I suppose, I'm aware making too many inhibits discussion, since the actual prior posts themselves are harder to find.

I don't mind the slowness, I created this place for the benefit of a small circle of friends and most of the talking happens on IRC. Of course it is open to anyone though. Maybe if people shout at me enough I'll combine boards.

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How explicit is NSFW in the NSFW rule? How much skin is allowed? Also /coom/ when?


I'd say if, for example, there was nudity in a painting you wanted to show, spoiler it. As described, as long as it's on-topic, it's fine.

>Also /coom/ when?

No, lol

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