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Ok gamers, post your favorite video game osts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkYZGLtPw8A - I was a little jarring at first because its so old, but there are some masterpieces here.


not going on youtube to find them but touhou 8 or 10


Posting this through the most awkward place possible, can't go to YT either;
Ys 8 has some pretty good, catchy tracks,
Terranigma doesn't have a lot of songs but the ones there are amazing.
Seiken Densetsu 3's tracks are fairly normal but I got a lot of nostalgia for them.

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Terraria server is up for anyone who's bored

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I've been coerced talked into playing Dragon Quest XI because I've been a long-time fan of the DQ series due to childhood indoctrination. I was also talked into turning on over half of the 'make the game a nightmare to play' settings, which has made things interesting. Still manageable however, because I hear this game is piss easy without them.

It's been pleasant thus far, but I get the feeling the game has yet to fully 'get going'. Hotto is a schway place, see pictures. I took up speaking in haikus for a day or so, just to annoy people.

Anyway, what are you playing Rainon?


File: 1616638957735.jpg (613.28 KB, 1920x1035, 128:69, 20210226132345_1.jpg)

A couple buddies and I have been playing Valheim together a couple of times a week. So far I've been pretty impressed with the amount of content, for an early access game. Lots of grinding, but it pays off. We beat The Elder two weeks ago, and are currently grinding for a new house. I was a little confused at first, but it got better after I stopped trying to play the game like Minecraft :D


File: 1616647430220.jpeg (172.88 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 1095CEBA-947A-400C-9175-8….jpeg)

I’m playing Final Fantasy 7 right now. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. The only things wrong with it are the graphics (I’m not playing the remake), which make it hard to see exactly where you’re going, and having to grind to get every member of your party at a high level, but that’s all RPGs. Just had a date with Aeris, things are looking up ^_^, can’t wait to see how it all ends


File: 1616675364393.png (1.76 MB, 1385x765, 277:153, Screenshot_34.png)

Among other games ive been recently playing, I started to play GTA:Vice City. I havent played it since I was roughly 5 years old since our physical copy was broken but playing the game now feels really nostalgic. I was thinking to hook up a CRT TV from the 80/90s to add to that aesthetic factor of a game set in the 80s. The radio stations are really schway too (including the humour hehe)


File: 1625139657334.jpg (323.33 KB, 864x1812, 72:151, 1625084264593.jpg)

I've had much time off this week, and when I have nothing to do I've gotten into playing a lot of Touhou again. I'm getting concerningly good at it. I like danmaku style games, I should really try out something else in the genre some time. The aesthetic and music in Touhou games is usually killer too.

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I have been thinking to mod Fallout: New Vegas under a different setting such as imagining the Fallout Universe within Scotland or the UK in general.

I don't expect it to be good as these projects take years and have a lot of work involved beyond the common modder so it would just use textures already in the game, just arranged differently

Starting small of course to see if it is possible and to have something completed rather than unfinished due to the big scope

So I write this just because why not kek. any questions or ideas? Anything to talk me out of it?


Do you have a story actually in mind yet?


still working on it. I think it would be the most important part since the story tells what the fallout universe is like so it has to work out appropriately

If I can't get the story done then the project scope is mostly cut and could just use ideas for the main game instead (example could be a bagpipe weapon, whatever imagination holds)


I think its a good idea. Good luck!


File: 1616613273253.jpg (193.08 KB, 1200x1287, 400:429, weeman.jpg)

I may know absolutely nothing about modding the Fallout engine, but I was thinking about this earlier, and at least I can advise from the perspective of how you portray the narrative.

I would definitely enjoy what you're describing, presuming you leaned in heavy on theming and referencing things in Scotland. But I have two points I can make.


Don't have the humour up at 100% all of the time. Constant delivery is no delivery, space it out a bit, have it counterbalanced with at least a degree of seriousness if you want the humour to land.

A lot of what you showed me before centered around basically making a mockery of it, so I was worried about that.


Start small, make sub-goals. You're right that building up something like this would take a very long time. If you set that as your singular goal, you will exhaust yourself.

I'd suggest starting with something like making up a few textures and seeing how they integrate with the game. Then maybe making something equivalent to a side-quest. Build it up, something bigger each time you do something successfully.


Thanks for the advice!

Yeah I dont want the overall approach to be based on humour. I would like a genuine story that fits appropriately within the fallout universe. The humour should be aimed to add charm and just represent some amusing things regarding scotland as an extra bonus. Although there is a lot of funny ideas that can be developed, they may perhaps act like an inside joke or simply just a mockery masked as a mod.

Regarding your second point I agree. What I think to do is to get a decent foundation established as story and then be comfortably knowledgeable with the mod tool that is widely used to effectively mod the game (not the only tool available but it is a good starter). It was originally planned to not use new textures to begin with and instead just makee the world with the textures in game (save time and helps establish a vision of the actual world) but of course it isnt a priority as of now.

It will be quite the test of commitment and effort.

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