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Video Game OSTs

Ok gamers, post your favorite video game osts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkYZGLtPw8A - I was a little jarring at first because its so old, but there are some masterpieces here.
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Terraria server is up for anyone who's bored
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What are you playing?

I've been coerced talked into playing Dragon Quest XI because I've been a long-time fan of the DQ series due to childhood indoctrination. I was also talked into turning on over half of the 'make the game a nightmare to play' settings, which has made things interesting. Still manageable however, because I hear this game is piss easy without them.

It's been pleasant thus far, but I get the feeling the game has yet to fully 'get going'. Hotto is a schway place, see pictures. I took up speaking in haikus for a day or so, just to annoy people.

Anyway, what are you playing Rainon?
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NetHack (or roguelikes in general)

I felt like posting this because I've played on-and-off for a long time and still haven't ascended, though I probably could if I metagamed harder, and I came across people that had never heard of it at all.


Just read [the Wiki](https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page). make it your default search engine. Sleep, breathe, and shit the wiki.

A more structured response:
Read [strategy](https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Strategy). At the least, skim the sections 'Beginning the game' and 'General tactics', which is enough of a foothold to begin to learn how the game works.

I actually suggest sticking to ASCII characters rather than using a graphical tileset, as the former makes it easier to see at a glance what's going on.

Or read nothing and play for the next 5 years until you win. It's been done. I'm not stopping you.


I think the fact it has been around since 1987 stands for itself. It's a great showcase of the depth of detail and emergent storytelling that is possible on very little resources. It challenges the player to think of how to use and abuse its mechanics as winning is basically impossible without. Any situation is winnable with the right preparation, but the game also brutally punishes the ill-prepared or thought-out.

With that out of the way

Anyone here ever ascended?
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Rainchan Minetest Server

I set up a Minetest server again

I thought this would be worth posting for those interested, the worlds will be pretty bare for a while though. Join on concealed.world:30001 for survival, 30002 for creative, don't be an asshole, etc.

More info: https://concealed.world/Other/minetestserver.php
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Fallout Modding

I have been thinking to mod Fallout: New Vegas under a different setting such as imagining the Fallout Universe within Scotland or the UK in general.

I don't expect it to be good as these projects take years and have a lot of work involved beyond the common modder so it would just use textures already in the game, just arranged differently

Starting small of course to see if it is possible and to have something completed rather than unfinished due to the big scope

So I write this just because why not kek. any questions or ideas? Anything to talk me out of it?

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